FAQ - What to do immediately after the accident?


What to do immediately after the accident?

Exchange particulars with involved parties

  • name, NRIC/PP/EP/SP/WP and address of drivers including name of employer if company vehicle.
  • vehicle number

Take digital photographs (handphone cameras accepted) or damaged vehicles

  • Take photo showing position of the vehicles
  • Take photo showing the damages of the vehicles
  • At least one photo showing the vehicle registration number

Report the accident

  • Report accident at any IDACs within 24 hours or end of next working day (whichever is later)
  • Bring car along when reporting accident, even if there is no damage or not claiming
  • IDAC will take photo of y our car and attach it with your accident report
If the accident is minor and no damage is sustained, must I still need to file an accident report?

Yes, policyholder or Driver is required to file an accident report whether he/she is making a claim or not and whether there is any damage to his/her vehicle or not.

The report has to be filed within 24 hours after the accident or within the next working day.

If the car is insured under TP or TPFT cover, is the policyholder required to file an accident report since he/she is not able to claim own damage?

As long as the policyholder is involved in an accident, he/she has to report the accident regardless of the type of cover of his/her policy.

How do I submit scene photographs taken with handphone?

After capturing the accident scene and damages, you can submit it to us via email.

What is the penalty for late or non-reporting of accident?

If you breach the reporting requirement of the policy, Insurer will deduct 10% of your No Claim Discount (NCD) on renewal of your motor insurance. This 10% NCD reduction will be over and on top of the reduction of NCD for the accident. Your claim may also be prejudiced.

If I have reason for the late reporting, can I appeal?

If you have a valid reason for the non-compliance of the reporting requirement, Insurer will consider your appeal based on the merit of your case.

If I bought NCD protection, will I still lose 10% of my NCD for non-reporting?

NCD protection only protects NCD deduction arising from claims. Your NCD will still be reduced by 10% for non-reporting.

In the event of any accident, who should I claim from?

If you are not at fault for the accident and have a comprehensive plan, you may opt to make an own damage under your own policy. If you want to claim from the third party directly, our workshop will help you.

If you are at fault for the accident, we encourage you to claim under your own policy.

Who decide if I am responsible for the accident and what is the basis?

Insurers’ workshop will determine if you have a good case to make a third party claim. The workshop will use the BOLA (Barometer of Liability) as a guide. The BOLA is a guide on liability which all insurers accept and will be guided by in their settlement of claims. Using BOLA, the workshop can quite accurately advise you if you should claim third party or own damage.

What are the benefits if I claim under own damage?

If you claim under your own policy, it will save you the hassle of having to be bothered by the third party claim. Insurers will handle the repair of your car for you. If you are not at fault, insurers will recover the cost of repair of your car from the other insurer. Your NCD will not be affected.

What are the benefits if I claim third party directly?

If you wish to claim third party directly, the workshop can assist you in the claim. You are required to assist the workshop in their claim. Assistance may be involved attending to interview into the circumstances of the accident and attending court.

Can I insist that the workshop do a third party claim for me?

If you are not at fault under BOLA, the workshop will have to do a third party claim for you. If you are deemed to be at fault under BOLA, the workshop has the right not to proceed with a third party claim for you.

If I disagree with your workshop’s decision, can I go to my own workshop?

Yes, you have the right to go to your own workshop to do a third party claim. However, you will not be allowed to revert to your claim under own damage if your third party claim failed.

Can I use a lawyer to handle my third party claim?

We discourage you or your workshop to use lawyer in making third party claim. You should ask the insurer to survey your car and try to negotiate a direct settlement of your claim with them.

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